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Explainers Videos: A Startup Conversion Booster

An animated explainer video is a type of marketing video that is approximately 1-2 minutes long, used to introduce a new company/product and answer some basic questions about them. It tells you what problem the product is trying to solve and why you should want to use it, with animated visuals and a fun, friendly vibe. Sometimes these videos are shipped before the product is fully operational, in order to spark buzz among the viewers.

Here’s an example for Explainer video:

For startups, video ads are one of the proven ways to spread the word and baptize new customers. The standard marketing video has glossy visuals, slick direction, and attractive actors plugging the product. But in the race for eyeballs, they now face fierce competition from animated videos. If you’re a startup looking to market your product, you should consider investing in a tight-scripted, high quality animated explainer, and here’s why.


There has been an explosion in video marketing over the past couple of years and studies have found that video ads boost a company’s client base. The psychology behind it is simple: we humans are hardcore multi-sensory beasts. We learn better and absorb more when our content is delivered as a combo of text, motion and sound. Based on this principle, animated videos strengthen recall, increase brand association and gives a ‘push’ to the consumer while they decide on the product.

Attention Grabber:

Due to high-speed connections and vast amounts of content, users are not willing to be patient and stay on one page for long. The average user has an attention span of around 1 minute; if they’re not engaged in that 1 minute, they’ll move on to the next one. A well-made explainer consolidates all the important details in one piece and delivers it in a minute or two.

Time Saver:

Animated videos go straight to the punch in 2 minutes or less, which is more effective and time-saving than a lengthy, expensive campaign.

Click Converter

Animated explainers increase conversion rates by 15% to 50% more! The exact reason is a mystery; why do viewers find them so compelling? Maybe it has something to do with the…

Fun Factor

Animations are fun! They speak to the kids in us, even though they are way more professional than kids’ cartoons. This may be the feeling a company taps into when they use it for marketing. It creates a positive association, which drives engagement and strengthens the brand. When information is shared with the audience in the form of something enjoyable, they are more likely to respond.


Because of their Fun Factor and overall vibe, animated videos feel a lot more accessible than a slick live video. This helps in expanding the product’s reach and grabbing the attention of a wider audience.

Speaks For Itself:

Most companies try to market their products to as many media as possible; the editors are likely to have inboxes stuffed with pitches. As Jason Kincaid of TechCrunch puts it: if it takes more than a minute to figure it out, they’ll move on. In this, animated explainers have three advantages. First, the video format is immediately recognizable. Second, a well-made explainer speaks for itself. Third, it leaves very little room for misinterpretation, so viewers won’t end up getting the wrong message.

For an example of how an animated video helped boost a startup, look no further than Dropbox, which has jumped from zero to more than 200 million users in six years.

Of course, animated explainers are only part of the strategy. As a startup founder, you still have to go all out to sell your brand. But a quality piece of animation will make it easier for you to tell your story… and everyone loves a good story.