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4 Things To Know Before Investing In An Explainer Video For Your Business

things to know before you invest in explainer video

If you are reading this, we assume you have a keen interest in explainer videos.

You might have already Googled a lot about explainer videos and its benefits. And, you were so overwhelmed with the results that you just can’t wait to get one for your product/service. Duh! Want to stop reading and get a video now? Whoa! Wait ! You can’t make that hurry. You need to know few things before you invest in an explainer video.

There’s more to videos than meet the eyes. Videos are one of the top notch marketing tools these days. They generate leads, boost conversions, increase sales, and surely get your audience engaged. All sounds good, but, you need to know if the money you invested is worth it.

When HDFC Bank released PayZapp, a complete mobile payment solution – they produced an explainer video to reach out to their millions of customers.

So far they’ve got ~3 lakh views!

1. Who are your target audience?

Getting an explainer video is a job half done. In order to get all the sales, conversions and leads, you need to market it to the right audience. Marketing your new iPhone app to android users isn’t going to work. So, before you start thinking about getting your video executed, study your targeted audience (age group, behaviour, problem areas and their expectation from a product like yours). Portray your brand to them as a solution to their problems and see how they chase you.

2. Where are you going to market it?

Videos are marketing tools, not magic wands. Your video is super cool, engaging, informative and helpful, but what if it doesn’t reach to your target audience? Many people fail to understand the fact that videos won’t walk to your audience, you need to make them visible to your audience. Apart from putting them up on your website, a good SEO campaign (carefully crafted keywords, titles, meta description, thumbnail, categories, tag etc), planned social media strategy, ad campaigns etc. are extremely important to help your video reach out to target audience.

3. What’s your ultimate video objective?

What was the ultimate goal of creating an explainer video? Don’t have an answer? Well then, you shouldn’t be reading this. Creating a fun explainer video just for the sake of “fun” is a complete no-no. At the end of the day all you want is your audience to perform an action, be it be a purchase, download, or may be just subscription. So, define a proper call-to-action to achieve your marketing goals and objectives. You may also try A/B split test with different call-to-action buttons and see which works better for your audience.

4. Are videos an expense or an investment for you?

Some of the biggest firms have left the old-school presentations and moved on to explainer videos to get their message across their potential audience. But for companies that are bootstrapped and are startups, videos might seem more of an expense than an investment. It depends on your budget, timing and the stage of your company. If you have it in your budget to go the professional route, there are countless reasons like quality, creative restrictions, designing story framework, opportunity costs, etc. So, if you are ready to invest in marketing, make space for explainer videos as well.

Explainer videos are a one-time investment and are as integral and important for your firm as any other marketing tool. Keep it simple, convincing, and send across a strong message for your product. A good explainer video can result in higher conversion rates, leads, and revenue which can compensate for all your expense, proving it to be worth the investment.

Got answers to all of them? Get a video and improve your business!