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We break down complicated and boring ideas, extract the juice and convert it into short, simple and beautiful explainer videos that will attract, educate and convert the audience into your customers. Scroll down to see how we do it!

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Our latest and greatest explainer videos

You can use our digital storytelling expertise to explain your ideas, product or service to the world. Watch some of our successful explainer video production projects.

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Our Explainer Video Process & Deliverables

We break down complicated, boring and brand-new concepts, extract the juice and convert in to simple, short and sharable explainer videos that attract, educate and convert your target audience.


  • Audience Research
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Business Objectives
  • Brand Perception


  • Video Concept
  • Script Writing
  • Storyboard


  • Character Illustration
  • Background Design
  • Animation & Visual Effects
  • Voice Over & Music


  • Quality Check
  • Feedback & Iterations
  • HD Files In All Formats

Why you need an Explainer video that works?

We are a team of concept artists, writers, illustrators, designers, animators, marketers and engineers specialised in converting ideas and messages in to beautiful explainer videos that works. This is how it helps you:

Convey Your Message

Explain your idea in a simple and interesting way so that you won’t turn your audience off.

Improves Your SEO Ranking

Get higher search engine rankings by using relevant video content on your website.

Drives More Traffic

Get more highly targeted audience to your website who could be your potential leads.

Build Trust To Your Brand

Use the power of visual cues to connect with your audience and build a bond with them.

Increase Conversion

A great video can help you to convert more and more leads into your actual customers.

More Social Media Shares

Videos get more reach and shares in social media, helping you promote your business.

“Needing animated videos? Finally a great, super simple approach from WowMakers!”


Vice President India and SEA

What type of explainer video you need?

A story could be told in multiple ways so does an explainer video. Based on the complexity of the subject, messaging style, audience persona, brand identity and budget, we offer 3 broad categories of explainer videos.

2D Animated Explainer Videos

Here we use 2D cartoon style animations to explain how your product or service can help your customers.

These videos are fun and engaging as we tell the story through beautiful characters, thereby humanizing your brand and building an emotional connection with your target audience.

These videos works best for explaining technology products. 2D Animation videos are mainly used for marketing and brand building purpose on webistes, social media and online promotion.

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Whiteboard Animation Videos

Whiteboard videos are geat for explaining complex problems or concepts in a simple and engaging format.

The concepts are explained by narrating and drawing pictures on a whiteboard. These videos work best for thought leadership, employee training, safety etc eventhough they are also used for marketing, brand building and concept explanation.

Whiteboad videos comes in handy when the topic you have to explain is lengthy and complex.

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Corporate, Documentary & Promotional Videos

These are videos that involve real actors, locations and properties. They add a human touch to your brand and if you prefer real people and background over an animator video, real life videos are the way to go.

We mainly focus on producing corporate videos, advertisement (TVC & online), wildlife documentary videos, customer testimonial videos, product videos, stop motion videos and speed painting videos.

This is the recommended style for enterprises and comapnies that offer offline products and services.

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Want To Know More About Explainer Videos?

We’ve made an explainer video guide with the help of top industry experts like Neil Patel, Jeff Bullas, Wistia and Vidyard. Find out how it works, its benefits and how to create a great explainer video for you.

Read our Explainer Video Guide
Neil Patel

Neil Patel

Neil Patel

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How Our Explainer Video Helped India’s Largest Private Bank To Promote Its App?

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You are in really good company

Over the past 12 years, we've worked with organizations of all sizes and shapes- from Fortune 100 brands to global enterprises, startups to SMEs, and Governments to NGOs.

WowMakers Client - Microsoft
WowMakers Client - Mercedes Benz
WowMakers Client - CITI Bank
WowMakers Client - Emaar
WowMakers Client - Tencent
WowMakers Client - Japan Government
WowMakers Client - Cognizant
WowMakers Client - Fifa Worldcup Qatar 2022
WowMakers Client - Reliance
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WowMakers Client - Ooredoo
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WowMakers Client - Govt of India
WowMakers Client - Qatar Rail
WowMakers Client - Mannai
WowMakers Client - Zoho
WowMakers Client - Ogilvy
WowMakers Client - Sanofi
WowMakers Client - Axis Bank
WowMakers Client - Federal Bank
WowMakers Client - Truecaller
WowMakers Client - South Indian Bank
WowMakers Client - LTI
WowMakers Client - Ceat
WowMakers Client - HDFC Bank
WowMakers Client - Colgate Palmolive
WowMakers Client - CultFit
WowMakers Client - ICICI Bank
WowMakers Client - GWC
WowMakers Client - BFC
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WowMakers Client - MPL
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WowMakers Client - Hike

Clients turned brand ambassadors

Our team take great pride in working with people and organisations exploring innovative ways to delight their audience. We are humbled and happy to see our efforts helping them achieve their vision.

“Wowmakers is a great company to work with. They're great communicators–both with their clients and through storytelling and animation to communicate a brand message.”

Ave Shije

Zenbox Marketing

“With a comprehensive initial project back brief, WowMakers immediately demonstrated a solid grasp on the video’s intent and target audience. ”

Muhammed Riyas

Senior Digital Marketing Manager, ST-YL

“WowMakers follows an efficient management process, and they can leverage their innovative vision to deliver videos that serve as an effective marketing asset.”

Surya Saraiya

Founder, Cricpod

“WowMakers’s creativity and attention to detail enabled them to deliver videos that supported the project’s core vision. They were a communicative and timely partner.”

Jeffin Idiculla

IT Specialist, Manage My Education

“As a startup in the technology space, it was very important to have a powerful and effective video to get our messaging across. It was a great experience working with WowMakers team.”

Bhagvan Chougule

Co-Founder & CTO, Treeni

“WowMakers makes some of the most powerful and beautiful videos I've ever seen. They helped us distill our core message quickly and painlessly, which was worth every penny.”

Karthik Naralasetty

Founder, Socialblood

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