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Prim Technologies case study Testimonials

Binh Hua

CEO, Prim Technologies

To create a video that would give an overview of their global virtual mentoring system, the Prim team approached us. They had come across some of the videos we had done in the blockchain segment and decided we would be the best team to pull this off. They wanted to showcase how the platform empowers people to grow by connecting with like-minded and driven people through blockchain technology. Equipped with the experience of breaking down complex technical topics into comprehensive and appealing videos, we were more than confident to take up the project and deliver it in the best possible way.

Prim Technologies case study | WowMakers


  • Make a video that creates awareness about Prim Technologies and what it offers.
  • The content should be sophisticated and should focus on how Prim unleashes the power of mentoring with cutting-edge technology.
  • The video should urge the audience to start connecting, integrating, and networking with Prim Technologies
Prim Technologies case study | WowMakers

Our process

  • The Brief and Kick-off Call
  • Concept
  • Script
  • Storyboard
  • Styleframes
  • Animation
  • Voice Over
  • SFX design
Prim Technologies case study | WowMakers

The Brief and Kick-off Call

To kick off the project, a clear understanding of the project was needed in terms of what Prim is, and the messages to be conveyed through the video. We sent the client a questionnaire with relevant questions that would help us understand the project better. The client filled up the questionnaire with specific answers. We also had calls with the client where additional information about the platform and their preferences were discussed. The questionnaire and the briefing calls were crucial in laying a foundation for us to kick off the project without any confusion.

Prim Technologies case study | WowMakers


Once we had a clear understanding of the brief, we brainstormed to create a concept that would help us do justice to the requirement and convey the message in an interesting way. A concept is the very crux of every video. It determines the direction and flow of the video, the storyline and style to be followed, the duration, and the entire mood of the video. The client had their own preferences and ideas, and it helped us a great deal during conceptualization. For instance, they preferred the video to follow the 2D Isometric Style. Incorporating their inputs, we weaved a story about creating an ideal virtual community where like-minded people get to interact and share ideas.


Now that we had a concept, the next challenge was to transform it into a script with appealing visuals and voiceover. The first few seconds of the video are crucial as it makes the audience decide whether they want to go ahead watching the video. The video had to begin with a catchy visual and voiceover that would make the audience feel curious and stay hooked on the video. Every frame was meticulously planned, with one scene seamlessly flowing to the next and a compelling voiceover that enhanced the beauty of each frame.

Prim Technologies case study | WowMakers


Once the script was approved, preparations were done to convert the script into a storyboard. Our Illustrators spent some time reading the script and understanding the story frame by frame. The storyboard was done in a pretty comprehensive way with rough sketches along with descriptions and voiceover. This would give the client a basic idea how the final video would look like.

You can check out the final story board here

Style frame

Once the storyboard was approved, our Illustrators started out with the illustration for the final video by developing the look and feel of the visuals. The Illustrators made sure to use the brand colors and visually narrate the story through detailed illustrations. The challenge lay in visually creating a virtual community in Isometric style that would be instrumental in making the audience have an understanding of how the platform works.

Prim Technologies case study | WowMakers


The style frames were approved, and we embarked on the next phase - the animation. The animators did a fantastic job breathing life into the frames by animating them. What started as a mere thought was now materializing into a comprehensive, visually appealing video.


The voiceover plays an important role in how the video will turn out to be. From our large database of voiceover artists that belong to different nationalities and gender, we picked a few options that were closely aligned with the client’s preferences. It was essential that we picked a voiceover artist who was capable of delivering a voiceover with the right accent and voice modulation that would work best for the client’s market. For this, we sent a few samples to the client who further chose one that met their criteria. The written voiceover was recorded by the chosen artist who added the apt intonation, modulation, pace, accent, and emotions, and it gave the video a whole different feel.

SFX design

Now that we had a great video with an appealing voiceover, we knew it had to be pepped up with a piece of captivating background music and sound effects for better impact. For this, a catchy background music piece and sound effects were mixed and it contributed greatly to making the video all the more appealing!


The Prim team uploaded the video on their Youtube channel, their website, and other social media platforms. The Prim team was mighty impressed with our work and was quite generous with their feedback.

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