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Al Wukair Logistics Park - an initiative of GWC is one of their milestone projects that provides industrial workshops, storage units, showrooms, and open yards to suit the needs of micro, small, and medium-sized businesses through a single one-page contract and easy processes. Through this project, they aim to contribute to the Qatar National Vision 2030.

The GWC team got in touch with us to create an explainer video that could explain their offerings and thereby encourage consideration in their target audience.


GWC is the leading provider of logistics and supply chain solutions in the State of Qatar. The company offers the full spectrum of high-quality solutions to a variety of industry verticals. The company is backed by a team of innovative experts and supported by state-of-the-art IT systems and logistical infrastructure, including the largest logistics hub in Qatar, the Logistics Village Qatar.

GWC Logistics Logo | WowMakers


  • Create content that could easily be understood and perceived by the target audience.
  • Explain the offerings to the target audience to encourage them to consider it.
  • Establish their presence on social media through this explainer video with the CTA - ‘Contact us’.
GWC Logistics Explainer Video case study | WowMakers
GWC Logistics Explainer Video case study | WowMakers
GWC Logistics Explainer Video case study | WowMakers

Our process

  • The Brief and Kick-off Call
  • Concept
  • Script
  • Storyboard and Style Frames
  • Animation and Voice Over
  • SFX design

The Brief and Kick-off Call

According to the process we follow, the client was asked to fill out a questionnaire that asks questions about their background, objectives, requirements, and expectations.

Based on the data collected and the discussions that followed we were able to understand their objectives and parameters and work accordingly by giving emphasis on quality and clarity, and highlighting the key points.

At this stage, ideas were shared and discussed amongst us and the client in order to create a storyline draft of the video.


Once the client’s ideas were collected and put to paper, the video concept was shared with them.

For GWC Logistics, the video concept focused on small to medium-sized business owners. Thus, simple and relatable images were used with a storyline that could keep the viewers engaged and interested.

GWC Logistics Explainer Video case study | WowMakers


The team of scriptwriters in WowMakers created an amazing, compelling and informative script for the client in a way that will move their target audience to take action.

The script was created to explain the offerings of GWC in the way they wanted while keeping the content informative with a casual and conversational tone, and minimal or no use of jargon words, so that it could reach the right audience.

Storyboard and Style Frames

GWC Logistics Explainer Video case study | WowMakers
GWC Logistics Explainer Video case study | WowMakers
GWC Logistics Explainer Video case study | WowMakers
GWC Logistics Explainer Video case study | WowMakers

In order to pre-visualize the animation, a storyboard with sketches of the scenes included in the video was shared with the client. Once it got approved, style frames were created.

Al Wukair Park is located in the heart of Qatar, next to the seaport and airport thereby facilitating the processes they offer. As a hub where MSMEs can come and set up their businesses, it offers a wide variety of activities.

To capture the scope of this, an isometric illustration style for the video was decided on during the video production process since it can provide a birds-eye view of the project to the viewers.

Check out the approved version of the storyboard here.

Animation and Voice Over

GWC Logistics Explainer Video case study | WowMakers

A video that has some human elements helps the viewers to better understand and connect with the message conveyed.

Thus, the video was created with animated humans as characters along with subtle music, and a crisp and clear voice-over that added to its charm. Keeping the screen neat and simple, the video was able to keep the viewers engaged without distracting them by any means.

SFX Design

SFX plays a major role in the video-making process, as it helps to complete the video in style.

The sound design we did for the video was on the dot, it tied up all the visuals in the best way possible while incorporating the voice-over without drowning it out. Overall, the efforts created a splendid audio-visual experience for the viewers - a real treat to their eyes and ears!


The video had garnered thousands of views on LinkedIn as well as on other social media platforms on the day it was launched. It also cracked the tag of ‘the post with the most engagement within 24 hours’ and that was indeed an achievement to count!

Our explainer video was able to achieve the objective of creating a feeling of consideration of Al Wukair Logistics Park among the target audience in the way the client needed while standing out from the rest of their competitors.

Being very happy with the first project we did for them, the client came back to us with further offerings. Thus, our team is currently working on more of their projects, so stay tuned!


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