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5 Best Explainer Videos That’ll Leave You Awestruck

5 best explainer videos

Video marketing is one of the best ways to reach your brand to the right audience and grab their attention. For businesses that are struggling to effectively boost their product conversions, an explainer video is a great idea.

These animated product demo videos can connect & communicate in a better way with people, visually telling stories to turn them into customers.

Here are some of the best explainer videos that are doing it right.

2D Animated Explainer Videos

Inlocus App



Litmus 7

While 2D animations have super cool effects and styles, whiteboard animations are simple, yet powerful.

Animated Whiteboard Explainer Videos



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There’s no doubt that this is the new conversion optimization game. If you want an explainer video for your company or business, let WowMakers do the magic for you.